I had a reason to visit Iceland (the country not the frozen food shop) with my 20 year old son in late 2016 and whilst waiting 3 days for his visa to be approved, we decided to go on a road trip in search of some adventure.


Now Iceland isn't your normal family holiday destination (although it most definitely should be) and we were pretty clueless, so my son reached out to some of his friends and one of them was a real adventurer and had been to Iceland before. He's a professional photographer and he gave us some great options and told us what was where; he insisted we visit Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and to only go there at dawn. So we thought to head south-east to the glacier area. And so we did and we were not disappointed (see the Adventure Gallery area).


Over the three day's we travelled nearly 1,200 Km in a rented car visiting amazing places like glaciers, flying my son's DJI Phantom 3 drone over waterfalls, along rapidly running glacial rivers and searching out glaciers & geothermal geysers.


normally to rest around a pool or on a beach. And, this was the first time my son and I had actually spent 3 whole days together, away from home with only each other for company. It was fantastic.  I recommend every Dad should try to get away with their son (or daughter) like this; It was here that I had an epiphany; at 58 years old, I realised that I had never really explored anywhere so much in my life. Sure we had visited many countries but its a great way to really get to know each other and to reconnect after their teenage years. We both agreed afterwards that it was a truly amazing time together and we even planned to do it again one day.


So by now I had the exploring bug!               I decided that I wanted a more simple life and to explore everywhere the way we had done in Iceland.  My life and my outlook for my future was about to change so that exploring, most likely in a motorhome, could be a frequent pass-time.


After convincing my partner Evelyne - not an easy thing to do as she is resistant to big changes in life and loves stability that we (well I) had started to make a plan for our future lives together. But, could I convince her this was the right thing to do?


Where did all this start?

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Iceland
Photo by MJW on an iPhone 6

Have you ever wondered where waterfalls come from?

We did, so went up to take a closer look!

Photo by pilot MJW using DJI Phantom 3 drone

Making a plan

I knew that a life in a small motorhome wasn't going to appeal to my partner; and as she hates camping, I knew I would have to find a way to make her comfortable whilst we were travelling. 



The following January we visited my daughter who is working in Barcelona. We discussed the idea of exploring Europe in a motorhome with her and with my son on the phone, as he's working in Miami. It seemed only right that they knew of our plans (well, at this time they were still only to agree on a way forward).



I suppose not surprisingly, both of my children were incredibly supportive as I discussed my ideas with them and this was really important as eventually, in a few years time, we would be renting out the family home to help fund the adventure. The seas made a lot easier I suppose as neither of them lives at home and both work abroad currently. Finally, Eve agreed that this life could be one she would enjoy and a plan was forming.


Over the next 6 month's we re-arranged our finances and created family budgets so that we knew exactly where we stood financially and buying our Morelo motorhome could become a reality.


Exploring the world, one step at a time, was now a lot closer.



Look out for more in the blog section and good luck if you are now contemplating such a plan.