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Morelo Palace 93 MB for Sale

Probably the finest example of this model available in the UK today!

Key Specification Info

Iveco Daily (70 C 21) - 205HP - 7,490Kg

Euro 6 - 3.0L Diesel

8-speed ZF Transmission

9.49m long - Left-Hand Drive

Registered new in November 2017

Only 13,500 miles

The number plate is
not being sold with the vehicle


Sleeps up to 6 people
Rear island-style double bed for 2 adults plus

an electrically lowered front double bed for a further 2 adults.


Furthermore, with the installed drop-down main table & plywood-backed infill mattress

(made by Morelo especially for us) you also get a small double bed in the salon/dining area

suitable for children/ teenagers.


Why Buy This Morelo?

All the tiresome formal registration work is already done; imported from Germany, NOVA completed, DVLA registered, and MOT'd. If you're looking for a second-hand Morelo - take a closer look at this one.

Morelo Palace Exterior image.png

It Has It All

By adding the Kloft retarder, the tow bar & electrics together with the VB Active Air system we have made this Morelo as good as it can ever be. If you purchase this vehicle in the UK, you avoid paying £££ on Import Duty!

Alde Vent Condensate Deflector fitted.jpg

It's Just Beautiful

With only 13.5k miles on the clock, this Morelo is only just run-in. It is unlikely you will find one better than this for sale in the UK today. Others may be available abroad but they're just not this well appointed, and you want the best don't you?

See How A Morelo Is Made

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Why are we selling our beloved Morelo?

We purchased this vehicle new in September 2017. Back then it was our intention to cease working full-time within 2 years and to then only work part-time as we set off on a 2-year tour of Europe. We still have certain commitments in the UK and had planned to return home occasionally and then set off again on our adventure. 

Various things have changed which now mean this isn't possible and instead of working less, we find ourselves working even more running our own small business.  And then, of course, the COVID19 pandemic arrived and dramatically changed our ability to travel at will. Therefore, we have decided that for now, it's best to pass our Morelo onto a new owner who will be able to use it as it is intended.

On this webpage, I have tried to provide as much information as possible about our particular Morelo. As you may already know, due to the almost endless possibilities of the available extras that one can specify when ordering, almost all Morelo motorhomes are unique. This vehicle goes even beyond that. See why below.

These images are indicative only from Morelo sales brochures and web pages and may not be exactly the same as the vehicle for sale (but they are similar)

Removable Steering Wheel brochure image
Drop-Down 32" TV & Oyster satellite system - Brochure Image
Electrically lowered drop-down bed - brochure image
Large Salon Window - brochure image
Kitchen Area with electrically lowered Nespresso Coffee machine - brochure image
Lounge Area Rooflight brochure image
Lounge Area Seat Storage brochure image
8" Alpine Truck SATNAV - Brochure image
Salon Area Extendable Table brochure image
Shower Area brochure image
ALDE Underfloor Heating - brochure image
Wardrobe Area brochure image
This is such a great example of a Morelo Palace and it is already in the UK!
This Morelo has a great specification from the factory. An Excel Spreadsheet is available to download below and it contains all factory-fitted standard items together with all of the selected factory-fitted extras (there are many) together with the original pricing. It has subsequently had the benefit of some very useful post-delivery specialist factory-fitted extras such as:
  1. Kloft Retarder (electromagnetic braking system),
  2. Meier installed VB 'Active Air' Suspension (upgraded from factory fitted 4C all-round air suspension to the Active Air System),  
  3. Morelo fitted flush fitting 3.5-ton tow-bar with associated electrics (although we have not towed with it yet).
These additional extras cost in the region of £10,000
This Morelo also has the following extras/additions installed. All are included in the vehicle price.
  1. Remote wireless fob activated garage door unlocking/locking
  2. Access door LED step lighting - activated when the steps deploy with auto shut-off
  3. Automatic thermostatically activated fridge vent fans (roof-mounted inside the fridge rooftop vent to improve the fridge operation in very hot weather). An external LED in the fridge vent indicates the system is switched on
  4. Waste water (black and grey tanks) 12v Uniflow macerator pump and hose system to rapidly empty the waste tanks into small diameter drains)
  5. Automatic (activated when the compartment door is opened) under-body LED lighting in the waste water drain compartment (very useful when dumping waste water in the dark)
  6. 'Dometic' activated carbon waste tank vent filtration for odour prevention
  7. Additional tie-down rails in the garage at mid-height & top of the back wall for securing bikes, tables, chairs etc.
  8. 2x 12v sockets (inside compartments either side) to connect tyre inflation pump and 10m 12v yellow extension lead (both included)
  9. 240v internal socket bank with 3x USB sockets and 3x 3-pin UK sockets (beside passenger seat). All Morelo fitted 240v sockets are 2-pin European
  10. 1.2m Omni-directional motor-driven roof-mounted Wi-Fi antenna (raised and lowered from main control panel)
  11. Roof-mounted 2x Wi-fi, 2x cellular, and 1x GPS dome antenna to deliver superfast internet
  12. External Sonos Play1 speaker (mounted within fridge vent housing) with Sonos Bridge inside main control panel for music outside
  13. We hadthe salon table pedestal replaced for the lowering version (whilst keeping the original, extendable tabletop) and had an infill cushion made by Morelo to create a further double bed in the salon area, making it possible to sleep 6. This is also usable as a footstool when watching TV should you so wish
  14. An accumulator was installed onto the freshwater system to raise the water pressure to improve the shower performance

Morelo 93 MB - Brochure Technical Specification
(click image to enlarge)

Morelo Palace 93 MB 2018 Tech Spec.png
Cut-away showing interior layout.png

Cut-out showing ALDE underfloor and associated heating elements throughout the vehicle allowing habitation down to minus 36 degrees

Interior Heathing System Layout.png
Cut-away internal layout brochure image.png

Cut-out showing the flat floor throughout and garage storage area

Dealer Images of the vehicle for sale when new (click image to enlarge)

Project 113578 - Drivers Position
Project 113578 - Drivers Position

press to zoom
Project 113578 - Front
Project 113578 - Front

press to zoom
Project 113578 -Pantry
Project 113578 -Pantry

press to zoom
Project 113578 - Drivers Position
Project 113578 - Drivers Position

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Mastervolt -  Lithium Battery Manual 
Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra 12-3000-150 Manual
Download the original vehicle build project specification for this Morelo with prices (when opening select read-only and select don't update). This file has all the info you need to know what amazing features this motorhome includes.
All manufacturers habitation checks are up to date for the 10 year habitation warranty

We can as also provide files showing the original Morelo 2017 brochure showing models, standard features, and available extras (the same Iveco Daily based Palace 93 MB is shown on page 30 of this brochure). The following information is also available (upon request).

Morelo 2017 - Manufacturers Pricelist - Vehicle & Accessories

How can I find a Morelo to compare with this one?

It is not possible to buy a previously owned Morelo in the UK today as no others are currently for sale,
such is the demand for these amazing motorhomes.

Bear in mind too, Morelo motorhomes really hold their value.

However, I have found one with a similar specification available in Germany. This model doesn't have the optional drop-down double bed above the front seats or the lounge-style salon area nor many of the other features that ours has.

It is a 12/2018 model and has slightly less mileage at 9850Km and is priced at £245,470 (€289,499). Remember too, that there is now an additional 10% Import Duty to pay.

We will discuss offers in the region of 

£ 230,000

Available from November 2021 due to a pre-planned annual habitation-check
visit to Morelo, in September 2021