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Finding the right motorhome insurance policy can be a real challenge

In my search for motorhome insurance, I suspected that it was likely to be a challenge, mainly because I had no experience of doing so before now. I started the search many months before buying the motorhome whilst building the budget as the right insurance was likely to be a large cost.

Little did I know, how much of a challenge it would turn out to be and how owners need to budget carefully to ensure that they get the best deal & the right policy for them & how they will use their motorhome.

In researching this subject, I searched online & through the motorhome forums which were some help but mostly the forum members had smaller vehicles so not comparable. And, it seemed to me that whilst many motor-homers are doing it perfectly for the way they use their vehicles, I get the impression that some are getting it quite wrong; so much so that it's likely that when they need to make a claim, they may find they do not enjoy the level of insurance cover they think they do. So be aware and be informed, get the right advice.

When I tried to get insurance for our new Morelo, everyone I spoke to about it; including the UK dealer (Premiere Motorhomes in Yorkshire) told me to "get a quote from NFU Mutual."

So I called them but the NFU office I phoned close to home had never heard of an NFU Mutual motorhome policy so this is clearly a bit hit and miss. I am certain that NFU Mutual do sell motorhome insurance as I've read about it online but it may be that the branches selling them are focussed on, or based in certain areas of the country that have a history of insuring motorhomes in their area.

In the end, by chance reading a motorhome magazine, I saw the Airports Insurance Bureau (AIB) advert (I know, air sports and motorhomes are not often mentioned in the same sentence are they)?

I gave AIB a call. They took lots of details as you'd expect and off they went to get a quote. A nice guy called Murray came back to me quite quickly with a quote from Hiscox Insurance. It was more expensive than I had been expecting and I said so to him, but then Murray reminded me that this was a first class, no quibble policy that had amazing cover and very few exceptions (and that's true when reading the small print).

As it turned out, Hiscox were the only company I found who were prepared to insure our motorhome based on the information I had given them. There were also policy conditions stating I had to have an approved Thatcham Cat 6 alarm, immobiliser and tracker system installed (and they later checked it had been done)! This is important as it is another cost on top of the insurance premium which must be factored into your costs and budgets.

Murray advised me that Hiscox have a partnership with the UK's biggest and, they claim, the best tracker service (Tracker) and I got a discount of £212 by quoting the Hiscox discount code they provided. Nice!

I was really impressed by AIB; I simply couldn't believe their service and how they always said yes to every question I put to them.

Later, when I was planning the collection of the motorhome from Germany, I spoke to Murray again and I asked him the question "with Hiscox Insurance, can you insure a motorhome with a German registration number fully comprehensive using the VIN number (it didn't yet have a UK registration number when I insured it)". I expected him to say no to this one but he didn't, he simply said "yes, we can do that". I really like people that say yes to me.

(The reason I wanted to know this was because the German dealer (Gluck) from whom I was to buy the motorhome had said they would insure it for me and issue special 30 day insured German import number plates for the trip back to the UK but it was for 3rd Party cover only and I wanted fully comprehensive cover just in case). And I got it.

Motorhomes and caravans for every need and budget

As I am now a Hiscox convert, I have insured our two cars and the Peugeot Django Heritage motor scooter we carry in the back of our motorhome.

I asked AIB about business use of our motorhome and again, the answer was yes together with a whole heap of additional benefits; like, anyone over 30 can drive it fully comprehensive. Murray then said "you'll also need specialist breakdown recovery for a vehicle thats 9.3m long - something that hadn't even crossed my mind, and he said, the whole of Europe is covered too". Murray gave me the details and the price. Simply amazing! The cost for the breakdown service was very competitive which I really didn't expect. I challenge anyone to find such a great deal (steady)!

About AIB

As a specialist provider of motorhome, campervan, RV or motor caravan insurance AIB have a wide range of products and schemes available from their panel of the UK’s leading Motor Caravan Insurance providers.

They will design a specialist motorhome or campervan insurance policy specifically for the needs of people like us.

Apparently, camper-van & motorhome drivers generally take more care than the average driver. By avoiding the rush hour by planning ahead and as such, are amongst the safest on the road. This means that motorhome insurance is often cheaper than regular car insurance and covers you for far more, meaning that your interests are protected, even abroad. This includes cover for items such as awnings and generators, which are not included in regular car insurance.

AIB are able to provide cover for full-timers as well as the more occasional user and have various solutions for European insurance that can include up to 365 days European cover (this needs to be made clear to us so the right solution can be found). AIB also have solutions for any type of vehicle conversion, from a factory conversion to a home DIY conversion. If you are part way through converting your van to a motorhome owners AIB even have solutions for that!

Talking about motorhome security; it will be the subject of a blog in the future. Keep reading and subscribe to make sure you don't miss it.

Stay safe.

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