Buying abroad? It really is worth exploring

We decided to buy our motorhome from a dealer based abroad which, for some, is a rather daunting prospect and I wouldn't disagree. But having access to all the information on the internet and with Google translate now being really good, it wasn't that much of a risk but it can be a bit of a hassle.

Obviously, if you can, you will buy your motorhome from a dealer nearby, one who you may have visited before and about whom you may have carried out some research online. But if you are unable to do that, your options start to diminish.

You may decide on a brand you like but what if the UK dealer doesn't have the model or options you are looking for (as was the case for us). We had decided that wanted to buy a new Morelo Palace so started to search the UK for one.

Premium Motorhomes in Yorkshire are the one and only UK Morelo dealer and they had a wonderful new motorhome for sale but by the time I had contacted them, someone else had already snapped it up. Mike Herzberg one of the Directors there offered to find us an alternative but I thought, "I can do that myself, easy, right"?

Well, if you do go down this route, expect to find that it's not so easy. It's actually hard work. Remember, motorhome dealers are there for a reason; they have the contacts, they know the business & know their vehicles inside out whereas I was a mere amateur by comparison. So I started my search online and contacted a few German dealers that had new Morelo stock.

You've likely heard of the phrase "lost in translation"? Well, be ready to experience it first hand when you start to explore the vehicles abroad.

I had many emails and What's App chats where I came away not understanding a thing from the salesman. On the other side of the coin though, I often felt humbled by their grasp of english and embarrassed that I couldn't speak German. Somehow though, between us, we normally came to a kind of understanding.

My eureka moment came when I emailed the personal assistant of the Gluck dealer MD in Germany and found she had studied in London and spoke wonderful english. Natascha was able to put my mind at rest, she assured us that she would look after everything for us during our purchase. I was convinced and from that moment onwards, I always contacted Natascha first and she always helped me (and still does when I have a question).

Not only that, Natascha agreed to collect us from the airport (some 40 miles away) on the day we arrived to collect our motorhome.

And, it didn't end there. Natascha agreed to accompany the salesmen as he did our Morelo handover as her english was better, she took us for lunch in a local restaurant and then, she even took us to the local supermarket to buy provisions; simply amazing service. Thank you Natascha and Gluck (Thomas and Christian).

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