Finding the motorhome of your dreams

Once you have decided to buy a motorhome you'd think it was quite easy to find one. Take it from me, it isn't easy at all.

Finding the perfect motorhome is not easy.

Imagine spending what can be an enormous amount of hard-earned cash with a motorhome dealer whose business is abroad and who you've never even met.

Of course there are many great motorhome dealers in the UK and they are likely best able to help anyone looking for a motorhome. But if they can't and you think you can get a better deal abroad (usually Germany), then the task becomes more complex still.

But what if you're looking for something really special. A motorhome that you can live in, full time if you want to (or even need to for that matter). The search gets harder and the options are fewer. In our case we had decide that we would need a large motorhome; larger than most as we wanted to be self-contained and comfortable. We also knew that our children with the partners and our friends would want to visit us whilst away on our travels.

Having searched online for what seemed like week on end, I narrowed the list down to about four manufacturers that made a motorhome that seemed to have what we would need.

They are (in alphabetical order). The descriptions shown below are from their respective websites.

Concorde -


Experience the highest level of mobile travel fascination. Luxurious equipment and state-of-the-art vehicle technology, excellent quality and artisanal perfection. The Charisma sets new standards in its class. This is complemented by its concise style vocabulary with the progressive Concorde design. Of course it embodies all values which Concorde has always stood for: Like all of our land yachts, the Charisma is an absolute premium product full of innovation, precision and passion.

Knaus -

Our compact liner

We have caused quite a stir with the SUN I. Enough to now also set new standards under 8 meters. For example, when it comes to the bodywork. Aluminium sheet on the outside and aluminium sheet on the inside with fabric lining and a separate XPS foam layer in between. This is usually reserved for top‐of‐the‐line motorhomes. And now it is also available in the new SUN I single‐axle motorhome. A motorhome made by passionate enthusiasts for real fans.

Neismann Bischoff -

The first luxury motorhome with airbags

After years of development, comprehensive testing and numerous crash tests, Niesmann and Bischoff have succeeded in creating the safest Flair ever. Their tailor-made safety concept, which includes a driver and passenger airbag, ESP and seatbelt pretensioners as standard — in addition to a newly developed chassis — signals an absolute breakthrough for the liner class. As well as the industry leading safety features the 2018 Flair includes supreme luxury in a sleek and stylish design! Extra features on this highly specified motorhome include, full leather, 205hp 3.0L engine and rear air suspension.

Morelo -


Travelling to the most beautiful destination while always bringing your own four walls along. Experience freedom of movement without losing out on your creature comforts. Discover new experiences and make new friends. Reaching your destination while at home—that is true luxury. You can experience it in the MORELO PALACE. Wherever in the world you are.

Start Your Search

One of the best sites to start your search is Here you can specify all of your requirements and get to see what is on offer from all the main dealers inthe German dealerships.

Good luck!
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